The Best Tool I’ve Used as a Content Marketer

Daniel Silva
2 min readJan 12, 2022


Image from Canva

Since I started my career as a freelancer, the pursuit of tools and resources that could simplify my work began. I used mostly free tools, due to not having too much money to invest in paid tools and subscription upgrades.

As time went by I started to indirectly lose money. How? By wasting time in the creative process. Sure it takes time to write captions and to assemble graphics, but nothing took me more time than coming with ideas about what to talk about.

I would waste a day per week — at a minimum — to gather information about the businesses of my clients and to build some sort of draft schedule. Suffice to say, a considerable percentage of the posts would come out with typos.

I was frustrated with the quality delivered so I took some time to reflect on how my workflow could be tweaked.

Hence the Content Calendar!

Image by the author — Portuguese version

I created a calendar where every day contains some sort of idea to workaround. I had to make sure it wasn’t either too vague, or too specific, so it could be adapted to any business.

Since then, all I have to care about each week is to look at the calendar, check the date and create something based on the idea marked on the day.

Each day there’s a form of interaction with the community either being conversation, connection, inspiration, education, or promotion. There are even special days marked with relevant tags.

I also decided to vamp the looks of the file in order to sell it to other marketers and content creators who are struggling to come up with ideas — this is the project I talked about in my public journal.

Now I have enough time to prepare the publications and assure better quality for my clients.

Inspired by a fellow creator, I decided to challenge myself to publish 100 short-form articles within January. This is article number 19.