A common theme worth discussing is the loss of creativity when it comes to continuously produce and publish content. There are several tips and tricks you can find all over the Internet, from meditating, brainstorming, go for a walk, changing your surroundings, you name it.

Well, I tried all of…

It was an awful year, but at least it inspired a fun game

2020 will always be a memorable year, unfortunately for the worst reasons. It was full of events that marked and affected the world, making it difficult to maintain any positive memories.

While I was in college, a not so productive period in my life, I was given the most ridiculous yet understandable advice ever: Don’t be like a microwave.

This was a piece of advice on how to get girls. Obnoxious, I know, but later I found out it can be…

If you’re an investor — or learning to become one in a near future — you certainly read about what types of investments you can pursue, such as the stock market, real estate, bitcoin, bonds, etc.

More often than not, by reading about these forms of investment, you come across…

I began my writing career as an editor in a Portuguese independent news website. I had no projection, so we agreed on unpaid cooperation, where I would publish my fact-based unfiltered opinion on whatever I deemed interesting for people to read.

The goal was to practice writing and publish as…

BioShock is a videogame franchise that stood out from the rest of the gaming industry due to its perfect symbiosis between rewarding gameplay, excellent narrative, and meticulously chosen soundtrack.

It ain't entirely unheard of for a game to include in its narrative elements alluding to historical periods or political ideologies…

Earlier this December 2020, we witnessed an unprecedented event: for a brief moment, all services provided by the technological giant Google were unavailable for no apparent reason.

The uncertainty of this global failure made me dwell about the hypothetical scenarios we could see ourselves in if Google abruptly ceased to…

Writing is easy if you just want to pass time and don’t consider making a living out of it.

If you want to learn how to write a good piece then you came to the wrong place. For that, you can find a lot of good articles all over Medium.

I stumbled on Medium by accident some years ago. My first impression of its concept was that it felt like some kind of blogging social network where anyone could write about anything. There is some truth in that, yet Medium is more than just a place to post some scribbles.

“You should learn from our mistakes.” Well, I did.

My parents are, what we Millennials like to call, Boomers. You know, the ones who plummeted the economy for further generations.

Jokes aside, they belong to a generation who borrowed stupid amounts of money and cut taxes to an extreme level without any concern on how that would affect further…

Daniel Silva

Freelance marketer and copywriter, who’s also a minimalist and goes bald sometimes.

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