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A common theme worth discussing is the loss of creativity when it comes to continuously produce and publish content. There are several tips and tricks you can find all over the Internet, from meditating, brainstorming, go for a walk, changing your surroundings, you name it.

Well, I tried all of those and more and most of the time I only sidetracked from my initial objective, leading me to procrastinate on the content I wanted to produce in the first place.

Then I came across Jakob’s Lawan innate principle of UX design, and that I found out that can be…

It was an awful year, but at least it inspired a fun game

2020 will always be a memorable year, unfortunately for the worst reasons. It was full of events that marked and affected the world, making it difficult to maintain any positive memories. Now, in addition to the daily news that inadvertently reminds us of tragic facts from a year we’re so desperately struggling to forget, a game was released that is no less difficult but at least much more lighthearted.

The is a side-scrolling browser game that lets us relive the bad moments of the year in a much more swift and comical journey. …

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While I was in college, a not so productive period in my life, I was given the most ridiculous yet understandable advice ever: Don’t be like a microwave.

This was a piece of advice on how to get girls. Obnoxious, I know, but later I found out it can be put to use in any context. Just hear me out.

I was in my second year of college when I became fond of this girl. Due to being kind of an introvert and having near to zero experience on how to approach love interests, I never made a move worth…

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If you’re an investor — or learning to become one in a near future — you certainly read about what types of investments you can pursue, such as the stock market, real estate, bitcoin, bonds, etc.

More often than not, by reading about these forms of investment, you come across the basics and technicals of how, when, and how much to invest.

Most likely you have solid know-how on higher returns, lower risk, and an efficient tax structure and how they can all work together to become a stable source of income during your retirement.

But let me ask you…

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I began my writing career as an editor in a Portuguese independent news website. I had no projection, so we agreed on unpaid cooperation, where I would publish my fact-based unfiltered opinion on whatever I deemed interesting for people to read.

The goal was to practice writing and publish as much content as possible to make my work visible. Call it an investment — at least that’s how I see it.

This deal eventually paid out for me. I started to go to events for free as a journalist, conduct interviews with artists, review shows, and all that jazz.


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is a videogame franchise that stood out from the rest of the gaming industry due to its perfect symbiosis between rewarding gameplay, excellent narrative, and meticulously chosen soundtrack.

It ain't entirely unheard of for a game to include in its narrative elements alluding to historical periods or political ideologies, generally represented in a somewhat extreme way.

However, approaches and, in a way, lampoons the book , from Ayn Rand, one of the most influential works in History, and since is one of my favorite games of all time, I have to talk to you about it.

Rapture’s Liberty


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Earlier this December 2020, we witnessed an unprecedented event: for a brief moment, all services provided by the technological giant Google were unavailable for no apparent reason.

The uncertainty of this global failure made me dwell about the hypothetical scenarios we could see ourselves in if Google abruptly ceased to exist and the consequences it could imply.

At first, it didn’t seem a big deal, but as time passed I began to think of how many meetings were being skipped due to people not being able to check their Google Calendar or how many important decisions were delayed due to…

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Writing is easy if you just want to pass time and don’t consider making a living out of it.

If you want to learn how to write a good piece then you came to the wrong place. For that, you can find a lot of good articles all over Medium.

However, if you’re looking to write a bad article that will achieve you nothing, then just follow this practical guide on and you’ll find yourself wasting time and enjoying no success whatsoever.

Skip the intro

If this article was to follow its purpose, it would already…

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I stumbled on Medium by accident some years ago. My first impression of its concept was that it felt like some kind of where anyone could write about anything. There is some truth in that, yet Medium is more than just a place to post some scribbles.

I created my account and read stories and articles for almost a week until I decided to give Medium ago. The concept was about me writing these soft horror stories ideas that would come up whilst suffering from a bad case of insomnia.

Suffice to say I had no strategy…

“You should learn from our mistakes.” Well, I did.

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My parents are, what we Millennials like to call, . You know, the ones who plummeted the economy for further generations.

Jokes aside, they belong to a generation who borrowed stupid amounts of money and cut taxes to an extreme level without any concern on how that would affect further generations.

They lived only for the moment — the lifestyle they accuse younger generations of living now — and my parents are no exception to this.

Since I’ve become more (for lack of a better term), I’ve noticed several poor decisions my parents have made regarding money and…

Daniel Silva

Freelance marketer and copywriter, who’s also a minimalist and goes bald sometimes.

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