5 Simple Tricks to Get More Sales

Daniel Silva
2 min readJan 7, 2022
Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

I’ve been a buyer and I’ve been a seller, and though I’m no expert in the art of sales, I do know how to spot a good one.

I usually try to figure out what the client values the most and commit to that. Any further argument just adds to it.

Let me break down how you can do it too.

Be generous

Think of your sale as an act of service. Don’t limit yourself to presenting your product. Talk as if you’re giving something. People love free things!

Though you’re not giving anything without a cost, offering the product benefits instead of a product for a certain price is one of the best ways to retain your client’s interest.

Awake emotions

People often buy the emotion and not the product itself. If you’re selling soap don’t just claim to be the best skin cleaner in the market.

Sell how it makes people feel refreshed and confident with their cleaned faces. This way people will see how beneficial your product can be.


Fear of Missing Out is one of the most powerful trigger points that leads people into buying something.

If you notice that your client is inclined to commit to the purchase, add the ever so famous “almost sold out” or “x amount of people already benefited this”, and you’ll surely close the sale.

However, make sure to present your client with trustworthy information!

Believe in your product

This is just key to any sale: if you are not a user of the product or don’t believe in its benefits, your sale’s pitch will just be set to fail from the start.

People can sense the falsehood in your speech, as it will look salesy and not provide valuable information that they can digest.

Establish relationships

Know your clients, but not too much. Try to know enough of them so you can become upfront about some aspects of their lives: ask what they do for a living, if they have kids, their preferred hobbies.

Firstly you’ll be able to understand how your product can help them and secondly, you’ll be establishing a relationship that will surpass the sale, hence gaining their loyalty as a customer.

Any of these on its own is usually enough to at least awake some interest in what you’re selling. However, if you’re able to combine all of them, you’ll most surely guarantee that much-wanted sale.

Inspired by a fellow creator, I decided to challenge myself to publish 100 short-form articles within January. This is article number 14.